New Zealand goth-pop chanteuse So Below has released ‘Clear’ – the second single from her upcoming debut full-length album. 

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A song about moving on and letting go, ‘Clear’ is a foreboding slice of dark and edgy pop. Much of the song, explains So Below, relates to water. In fact, if you listen closely, you may pick up the sound of a flowing stream recorded on a camping trip. 

“The verses make me think of swimming in still lakes at night, and the choruses are the opposite, being caught under waves, swimming against the current. That panic feeling when you need to take a breath,” she says. 

Water is an overall theme of So Below’shighly-anticipated debut album, which is due for release early next year. It includes ‘Clear’ and the already-released tracks ‘Bone’ and ‘Us’.

[So Below’s] “rhythmic and eclectic music style can be described as either electronic pop, dark electronic pop or simply put ”goth pop” …[and] ‘Us’ oozes with her familiar and hypnotic gothic pop sounds”  Flaunt

Written by Bradley Hale and Scout North, produced by Bradley Hale and Aaron Short; mixed and mastered by Short, the album also features collaborations with fellow LA-based Kiwi artists Chelsea Jade, Alisa Xayalith, Sam McCarthy and US artist KC Dalager.