New Zealand’s emerging queen of R&B RAZÉ has just released the video for her new single ‘Jump’. The video is premiering now on Thistler Sounds.

Watch it HERE

Listen to ‘Jump’ here.

Made by the country’s leading dance entertainment company MOMENTUM PRODUCTIONS with renowned Kiwi videographer Connor Pritchard behind the camera, the video is an explosion of colour, which perfectly captures the vibrant funk-pop mood of ‘Jump’ and its empowering ‘life is all about taking chances’ message. 

The video features Fili TapaMikey MayzSam V and dancers Dominique VaoEdenColemanLeilani Rose DeMarco and Maddy Barnett, with choreography from Kayla Paige.

“My artistic vision was to show a story of a girl stuck in a bad relationship, with an inattentive boyfriend who’s more focused on his phone and other things. She sees another guy that she finds super attractive and has chemistry as soon as their eyes meet, so she JUMPS and pursues it,” explains RAZÉ.

RAZÉ – whose real name is Ezra Williams – adds that before she does a vision board for a music video, she listens to the song on repeat writing out what she sees, “colours, characters, locations, dance, backdrops, moods, emotions and so on. That’s when the ideas and concepts come together and create a whole new world where you show the song in another light and way of what people will take in.”

Produced by EDY‘Jump’ is a groovy and melodic tune, which showcases RAZÉ’s powerful and sultry vocals and unique blend of soul and RnB. ‘Jump’ debuted at #37 on the Hot 40 Singles Chart and #6 on the Hot 20 NZ Singles Chart. 

‘Jump’ follows the release of ‘Not About You’ earlier this year, which has since clocked more than 65,000 streams on Spotify, and together the songs give fans a taste of what’s still to come on RAZÉ’s new EP set for release in early 2020.

It’s been an exciting year for RAZÉ who shone at this year’s Pacific Music Awards, winning ‘Best Pacific Female Artist’ and ‘Best Soul and RnB Artist’.