On their 5th studio album, Horrorshow are more revealing than ever before. An album of raw vulnerability, NEW NORMAL sees Nick Bryant-Smith and Adit Gauchan describe stories that have profoundly impacted their lives in the last two years.

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An album of layers, the narrative behind NEW NORMAL is defined by honesty, perseverance and the journey of overcoming loss. Retaining Horrrorshow’s classic autobiographical style as well as providing a flex of their new directions, the release seesHorrorshow team up with some of the buzziest artists making waves in 2019 including Triple OneStevie JeanPoppy Rose and I.E. 

The result, a sincere and heartfelt pop classic with ‘Yearn For You’, the earth-opens-up-and-swallows-you-whole heartbreaker ‘Before The Dawn’ and the cheeky uplifting vibes on ‘Complicated feat. Stevie Jean’.

The essence of the album can be found at the tail end with tracks ‘Limitless’ and the album closer ‘New Normal’. These confessional pieces offer a surrender by the duo, finishing the album with a spoken-word breakdown aimed direct to the listener, Solodeclares “I dedicate this album to you”.

Horrorshow on NEW NORMAL:
NEW NORMAL grapples with the complex emotions of navigating huge life-changing experiences. There’s no getting around the fact that it’s at times a very dark record, but at times also a light and enjoyable listen. Ultimately we hope it documents a process and message of acceptance of and appreciation for the lives we’re lucky to be leading.”

Tastes of the album have been offered throughout 2019 with the highly rotated ‘Rescue’, the hard-hitting and dramatic ‘The Same feat. I.E’, the nostalgic yet forward-facing ‘Eyes Closed’ and red-hot lyrical ‘88 Bars (Behind The Scenes)’.

Their final and most recent taste, the raucous, all in burner ‘Monkey Bars’ that was followed with the news that Triple One and Coda Conduct will be joining Horrorshow on their Australian tour pointing to one big party. 

Building on a catalogue of famed releases BARDO STATEKING AMONGST MANYINSIDE STORYand THE GREY SPACENEW NORMAL solidifies Horrorshow’s place as hip hop tastemakers retaining the authenticity that fans swear by and soundtrack their lives with.

NEW NORMAL is out now via Elefant Traks.