If you know NF’s music, you know how straight up and REAL he is. REAL – that’s literally the slogan for his music. This album is similar to his previous in the way he touches on personal issues he has had or is having. However these tracks are not the same and this time he touches on other subject matter such as his success and work stress’.

The album cover shows NF leaving his previous album Perception. The cage he is pictured in, on his album Perception, is now open and he has left it, pushing a trolley with black balloons tied to it. Where he is going, no one knows. Simple, dark and bold which goes with his previous covers and ties it all in well. These visual are also tied in with his music videos he has recently released.

The Search – A great intro to the album. Almost set as the start of a deeper conversation. I love how it builds.
Leave Me Alone – A continuation from The Search in the way it’s like an update. Touching on the past a bit and where things are at. This also touches on his mental health.
Change – NF talking about some things he wants to change but he’s almost not sure he wants it too.
My Stress – Dealing with stress of changes & work and that combined with negativity etc.
Nate – A reflection of himself, the journey and what he has learned, being told to himself.
Time – Touching on his relationship, the problems they’ve had and how he’s working on things.
Returns – NF talking about what people think of him but he’s back and here to work and show you how it’s done.
When I grow up – Told from the perspective of his younger self but also somewhat his self now.
Only Ft Sasha Sloan – About what he’s doing and goes through and how surely he’s not the only one.
Let me go – I feel as though this is him trying to figure out his mental health or his relationship with god. It’s conflicting like he is reflecting but also doesn’t know what to do. It also seems like he’s trying to figure out how things will be in the future.
Interlude – NF just reflecting. No music. Just him telling us how he felt with his success.
Hate Myself – This track touches on his mental health again but also a reflection of the bad thoughts mostly.
I Miss The Days – I really feel this track. Being younger seems like it is so much easier and being an adult is hard. It’s funny how when you’re young you want to be old but honestly I would love o go back to the carefree days. This is what he misses from being younger and what he is going through now.

This album is seriously incredible and like his previous work, people can relate to it. As NF mentioned previously, his music is therapy for him but I also think a lot of us go through similar stuff and we appreciate that someone is relating to us. Also I just actually think this is good rap music. His lyrics and the music that accompanies it are just well done.

He has been to New Zealand before but I hope one day I get the chance to see him live.