2 queues lined Galatos Street as people made their way in to Galatos the venue. They are all here to see Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, who have finally made it here for a the 1st time. The crowd continued to pack in and as half the crowd got in, it was time for the 1st band to take the stage.

Local punks Flirting With Disaster kicked off the night. I really do believe that they are the punk band Auckland needs to be honest. Their aren’t really any similar-sounding bands. The crowd at Galatos may be a bit too wholesome for the music they were playing but there were definitely some in the crowd who loved what they were doing. All 4 guys performed with a lot of energy and vocalist Chazz really belted out his raw vocals. I really enjoyed that they even made jokes in between songs and even though they probably knew the crowd wasn’t fully their usual type, they just did what they would normally do, rather than adapt to the crowd. The main joke was about how Chazz was out of tune with Chazz telling drummer Kev that his drums are out of tune. The 4-piece are currently working on a new album and I am looking forward to it after what I would describe as the set of the night.

Next up were Pale Lady. The 4 piece may not seem familiar to you but they are very active in the local music scene. They seem to be somewhat non-stop with all their small shows and now here opening for RJA. The stage was covered in strobing coloured lights as they performed. I had heard the name before but never heard their music. It was a good set but probably not as high energy as FWD. However I particularly liked that they drew on the crowds nostalgia and played a cover of My Chemical Romance’s Helena and had the crowd singing along. To be honest I’d be surprised to find someone who doesn’t know My Chemical Romance. Pale Lady are set to release a new EP and I’m sure we will be hearing more of them soon.

Galatos had really packed in at this point and I was honestly somewhat surprised as I didn’t really know what size of crowd to expect. The intro music played and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus took the stage. They kicked off with In Fates Hands from their album Don’t You Fake It. That seemed to set the night as the crowd got quite excited to hear older material. However vocalist Ronnie Winter let the crowd know the set was going to be a mix of old and new, though it seemed to lean more towards old. I have to say even though Ronnie let the crowd know he wasn’t well, the show as a whole was rather lack lustre. Ronnie’s vocals were great, there’s not doubting that but I honestly felt a bit like they didn’t want to be there. The sound mix didn’t help, with the band having a few issues throughout the night. However this seemed to more lean on the sound guy, not the band. (This is not the 1st show where the performers have had a problem with the sound engineer. Galatos it may be time to look into that). Guitarist Josh Burke gave off the most energy that you thought he would smash his guitar and though he was very into his performance, it would get broken up with the appreciative smile he would flash their crowd. Guitarist & Backing Vocalist Randy Winter’s vocals seem to be lost in the sound mix with you only just hearing him occasionally. Also though drummer John Espy was hidden behind his drum kit, when you caught him, he was going hard.
I would say the highlight of the set, a part from hearing classics like Face Down, was their rendition of Your Guardian Angel renamed Toyah’s Song for this tour. This was done in acknowledgement to the 24 year old fan from Cairns who was murdered while out walking her dog on the beach. The song was Toyah’s favourite. Ronnie asked the crowd to spread the word and tell her story in hopes that one day they may catch the person who killed her. Ronnie performed the song by himself with an acoustic guitar, before the rest of the band joined in at the end.
They ended the 13-song-set with The Grim Goodbye which seemed somewhat well planned. They thanked the crowd and said that they hope to be back.

Randy took one fan duties at the end, handing out guitar picks and set lists to the dedicated fans at the front. The show may have not been life changing to me but there’s no doubt those squashed at the front just had the best night of their lives.

Flirting With Disaster Setlist
It’s Not Enough
Falling Apart
Live It Up
Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
Out Of The Band
I Don’t Wanna Get Up
Take You Higher
Anything But Sane
Never Meant A Thing

Pale Lady Setlist
Fear The Fun
Helena (My Chemical Romance cover)
Taken By The Toad
Don’t Let This Be Your Life
Beyond The Quota

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Setlist
In Fates Hands
Fighting Everything
On Becoming Willing
The Awakening
Cat And Mouse
Your Guardian Angel (Toyah’s Song)
Misery Loves It’s Company
False Pretense
Face Down
The Grim Goodbye