Even though Auckland weather was being temperamental, a decent crowd was flowing in to The Powerstation to see The Wombats.

But before they took the stage HA! The Unclear were sent out to get them warmed up. I had heard of these guys before but I had never heard their music. The 4 piece all-male band played some upbeat songs but I have to say they were much more random than I thought. Upon catching the lyrics to one of the songs, they spoke of moving to Australia and getting more money which is definitely relatable to say the least but it was very random. The crowd seemed to be enjoying it though that’s for sure with people bopping along and laughing here and there.

It was finally time for The Wombats to take the stage and honestly from their set all I have to ask is WHERE DO THEY GET ALL THEIR ENERGY FROM?! The crowd were excited to see them with some saying they’ve been waiting years for this. The Wombats hail from the UK to which vocalist Matthew Murphy acknowledged is confusing considering their called The Wombats.
The set was full of a range of their older tracks and more recent releases. But I was more intrigued by the way these guys gave off a lot of energy, particularly bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen and they had so many different elements to their show, whether it was the guys who came on stage dressed as Wombats or the large multi-coloured balloons. The guys thanked the crowd for being at their first show in New Zealand and drummer Dan Haggis shouting out “we’re coming back yo!

But it was one hell of a show that made me exhausted from watching. With the set list & photos below, you can see why:

Cheetah Toungue
Give Me A Try
Black Flamingo
Ice Cream
Techno Fan
Lemon To A Knife Fight
I Don’t Know Why I Like You
Your Body Is A Weapon
Bee Sting
Pink Lemonade
Moving to NY
Jump Into The Fog
Let’s dance To Joy Division
Lethal Combination
Greek Tragedy