The new album is out and we may all just be emotional wrecks.

We all knew this album was going to be a bit emotional, especially with a few of the tracks and accompanying videos already being out. But I still don’t think it prepared us for this. Honestly this is a brutally honest album but it also seems like you could hear that it was possibly quite therapeutic for them at the same time.

Death Is Not Defeat – I mean it’s all in the title isn’t it. It starts off slow and makes you feel as though it’s going to be a slow, emotional track but then the breakdown kicks in and Sam screams reality right at you to think about. The video recently released for this track is quite simple yet matches the song pretty well.
Hereafter – This track was the first single off the album. And it flows well off the 1st track in regards to the album as a whole. It seems to really be about pushing on when everything else is fighting against you.
Mortal After All – Architects have been very vocal about feeling your emotions. And I feel like that is what this track is about.
Holy Hell – The album title track. “There is a holy hell where we can save ourselves”. It’s quite a fast-paced track compared to the previous 3. It also seems more aggressive as Sam screams hard throughout the song.
Damnation – “We suffer to survive”. This seems to be a more simple track with that main line being echoed throughout.
Royal Beggars – This was somewhat the 1st official track & video released off the album. Doomsday came 1st but it wasn’t really a part of the album at that point. It is quite a heavy track lyrically. It’s essentially about although a lot is going on with us, we don’t notice and continue to try cope and carry on. It was a strong release for the album and really opened up what was coming.
Modern Misery –The track and video was released not long after Royal Beggars. I don’t know about you but this track and video hit me pretty hard as well. I live on social media and the internet. I mean it is a part of my work but also I just find myself quite attached to it. Even now, as I write this, I am up late doing stuff online. I could cut back but I just really don’t. This song couldn’t be more really and true. “We used to run with the wolves”.
Dying To Heal – This track seems to touch on how we can’t always handle how we feel and this leads us to think of death. We then bring ourselves so close to it just to feel something or acknowledge those feelings we have. This has been a strong message from Architects, people need to cry and feel and not be afraid to show it. “Enough pressure will create a diamond”.
The Seventh Circle – This track is very strong and had that somewhat raw and aggressive sound with Sam screaming it the whole way. Similar to Dying To Heal, it’s touching on choosing another option other than acknowledging your feelings.
Doomsday – Initially the 1st track released off this album. It was written by Tom Searle and finished by Architects. This was to show the world that there was still a further for Architects but it also acknowledged Tom’s passing. It is a great track.
A Wasted Hymn – The end of the album. “All is not lost”. This song feels as though it’s tying the album together. It’s been a hard journey, you acknowledge that but you carry on. It is a beautiful way to end the album. It’s a bit more slow which makes you feel somewhat lighter. “Nothing lasts forever”.

This album is an emotional ride but it felt like one both Architects and the listener needed, especially if Tom’s passing was something that affected you. Even if you go into this album knowing nothing about that, there is a lot of relatable content in these tracks. I get asked a lot how I can listen to this type of music and I usually tell people, at least read the lyrics. You may not be able to handle it musically but a lot of heavier music is so much more honest and raw. This album is a reflection of that. Incredible album!