Helen Corry is one of the most recognisable voices in the kiwi dance scene, with countless features and collaborations to her name. On October 5th she released her debut EP Later For The Real Show, which is a significant milestone in her career as it is the first official body of solo work she has released.

Later For The Real Show is a 5-track EP that contains the already released hit singles Strike, La Femme and The Power, which have all received radio play on George FM. The video for La Femme – a politically charged anthem – saw Corry banned from Facebook. But with worldwide support her page was reinstated.

Strike is a great way to start the EP as it builds you into the album and what you can expect from the other tracks. It’s like a bit of a slow intro but still a nice, fun track.
La Femme follows on and as stated above, it’s an empowering track. But it definitely has more of a light club vibe which is quite a nice contrast to the lyrics.
Waiting slows the EP down a bit. Even though there is still a fun beat, it feels a bit softer and her vocals definitely seem more dominant in this track.
End of the Night builds up a bit from that softness and though it is not an intense dance beat, it is definitely building the EP back up.
The Power has a simple beat but it is strong and seems to take the EP out with a bit of a bang.

Helen’s vocals compliment each beat well and the EP flows together nicely. It is definitely a good listen for those summer vibes as well.

“These are songs that I love to perform. They capture a snapshot of my curiosities, what I’m passionate about and what challenges me”.

“I’m so excited to release a body of work that reflects me in this moment”.